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AD-ASTRA aims to develop a connected, competitive and inter-regional innovation ecosystem between 5 major EU regions (Occitania, South Holland, Madrid, Puglia, Emilia-Romagna).

Operative Objectives:

  1. Collect, analyse, and systematize the experiences of the partner regions with reference to their aerospace districts (but also analysing ecosystems of innovation in which they are active).
  2. Engagement of the stakeholders in the creation of this interregional network (co-creation workshops)
  3. Define an action plan for the development of each of the regional aerospace districts.

SO 1. Analysis related to the innovation ecosystems (interconnections, strength and weaknesses, megatrends, and future evolutions)

Actions to achieve the objective

  1. Creation of an inventory of the stakeholders‟ relevant innovation and technical capabilities in each region, the already established inter- and intra-regional connections, and possibly of any international connection.
  2. Analysis of former successful experiences in well-established inter-regional interconnections.

  3. Identification of future regional development megatrends from a technological, social, economic, and political standpoint, and scenario forecasting development (evolutionary and/or revolutionary).

SO 2. Engagement towards the creation of a network

Actions to achieve the objective

  1. Co-creation workshops towards the definition of an integrated ecosystem.

  2. Identification of connections to external networks, synergies to potential interconnections, and links of the interconnected regions to the national and European innovation ecosystems.

SO 3. A supra-regional plan towards a fully integrated network of innovation districts

Actions to achieve the objective

  1. Action plan (joint long-term programme of activities) for the development of the sector in each region, taking into consideration the


  2. Present and future integration of key innovation players from across the quadruple helix throughout all EU territories.